Haskell library: vty-ui

vty-ui is an extensible library of user interface widgets for composing and laying out Vty user interfaces. This library provides a collection of widgets for creating rich, event-driven user interfaces in the style of graphical interface toolkits such as GTK and QT. It also includes infrastructure for building custom interactive widgets.


Release History

vty-ui releases are published on Hackage, the totally awesome community Haskell package hosting service.

Release change log

1.4 January 7 2012 [Hackage] [User's Manual (PDF)]
1.3 November 13 2011 [Hackage] [User's Manual (PDF)]
1.2 August 25 2011 [Hackage] [User's Manual (PDF)]
1.1 March 20 2011 [Hackage] [User's Manual (PDF)]
1.0.1 March 13 2011 [Hackage] [User's Manual (PDF)]
1.0 March 4 2011 [Hackage] [User's Manual (PDF)]
0.4 Sep 8 2010 [Hackage]  
0.3 Feb 18 2010 [Hackage]  
0.2 Oct 8 2009 [Hackage]  
0.1 Sep 30 2009 [Hackage]  


You can get the source for vty-ui from GitHub:

$ git clone git://github.com/jtdaugherty/vty-ui.git

Contribute / Contact

Feel free to fork the library on GitHub and send me pull requests! If you want to make sweeping changes, let's chat about them first.

Found a bug? Post a minimal test case on the issue tracker.

If you have any feedback, criticism, or patches, please don't hesitate to contact me at jtd AT galois DOT com.